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TRUST is considered one of the top pioneer companies in organizing exhibitions and international conferences . Since 1990 until now our exhibitions gave evidence of ongoing success which included the expositing ways and products and participations of the best exhibitors locally and worldwide .

The company’s progress is due to the enduring efforts which revealed itself in proper management and capability of promoting and developing it’s system to keep up with the latest technology in different fields .

TRUST has a rare merit in their field of activities, which could be visualized in their indoor and outdoor exhibitions .it has an elite and perfect team work capable of keeping up with the latest development in addition to the experience which is furnished with scientific and practical merits.

TRUST is confident that the exhibitions industry is the main gate to success in all sectors. Our confidence is supported by our aim to upgrade the export and push it forward for the benefit of our country. For that reason, we have dealt with the best, and elite of national and international companies, to exchange experience with multi sectors in different countries, in addition to the most compatible knowledge in commercial, industrial and professional fields .


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